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Rho Chapter

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Rho Chapter Founding History

In the year 2015, four young women gathered in the Morgan Library at Colorado State
University to discuss their envisionment of an organization that would support the values of
Latina women in higher education. Through many years of challenges and hardships, 9 different
women finally brought their ideas together to ensure all the previous work and effort of the
interest group, Divine Women of Leadership, would not go unnoticed. Moving forward, five
young Latina women, Maria Villegas, Jessica Robles, Jaelen Olmstead, Jacqueline Terrazas,
and Bianca Villa were pinned on January 18th, 2020 in Santa Barbara California. On May 4th,
2020 the Divine Women of Leadership finally became the Rho Chapter of Sigma Omega Nu
Latina Interest sorority, making it the first established chapter in Colorado.

Founding Sisters:

PFS 01 Maria Villegas “Sensible”
PFS 02 Jessica Robles “CHAOS”
PFS 03 Jaelen Olmstead “Golden Hour”
PFS 04 Jacqueline Terrazas “Desmadre”
PFS 05 Bianca Villa “Boujee”

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