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National Events



At the start of each academic year, Sigma Omega Nu holds a National Conference for all of our Chapter Executive Board Members. The goal of this event is for members to gain personal and professional development skills that will help them navigate their positions. The National Conference also includes a time for the National Board to highlight not only all of our Chapters' achievements but also to recognize outstanding Sisters/Chapters and to award our yearly scholarships.



Each year during the month of November, an Executive Retreat is held to provide our leaders with additional workshops and skills to lead their chapter successfully. The general program is organized by the National Board, the event consists of workshops and activities to strengthen our leadership teams.



Sunnie Summit is our newest national event! Sunnie Summit brings together all of our newest members from across all of our chapters. National Board and the hosting Chapter put together workshops and activities for new sisters to get familiar with Greek Life, as well as create bonds amongst each other. Sisters are able to meet their Line Sisters and create memories that will last a lifetime!



Each year during the Spring, National Board hosts our annual sports competition, Battle of the Chapters. Since 2007, Chapters have gathered together for a day of sporting and sisterhood events. At this national event, Chapters are able to showcase their pride in their respective university and chapter. Some sports in the past include dodgeball, soccer, flag football, and obstacle courses. In addition to the sports portion, there is also a spirit competition that allows each chapter to create dances and chants. The event culminates with awards for Chapters ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, as well as Most Spirited Chapter.

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