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The members of Sigma Omega Nu are dedicated to the objectives: Academics, Cultura, and Sisterhood.

The sorority strives to provide its members with moral, academic, and family support.


About Us

Although Sigma Omega Nu is still a fairly small sorority, it is an ever-expanding one. Size isn't everything, and we much prefer quality over quantity. Our chapters currently span across three states, California, Colorado, and Nevada. If you are interested in helping Sigma Omega Nu expand, please see our Membership page for information.

We hope to one day see chapters all across the country. Our chapters are made up of women from diverse backgrounds and many nationalities in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Currently, Sigma Omega Nu has over 1,300 members and is constantly growing.


Sigma Omega Nu was founded on November 6, 1996. It was the first Latina interest sorority founded and established at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. At the time, no group existed specifically for the academic, cultural, or family support of Latina women pursuing higher education.


The eight Latina women who founded the sorority felt that there was a need for a strong Latina voice on their campus so they created an organization that would fulfill that unmet need. Since then, Sigma Omega Nu's commitment to academic and family support has spread throughout California, Nevada, and Colorado. Today, Sigma Omega Nu's membership is made up of diverse women from all ethnic, cultural, religious, political, and lifestyle backgrounds.

Our Founding Mothers


00   Lina Medina                                           Funky

01   Nadia Quinoñez                           Freaky Diva

02   Yesenia Hueramo                               Dazed

03   Nancy Ruiz                                               Roxy

04   Landi Hueramo                              Speedy G

05   Cristina de Sanchez                           Crystal

07   Sarai Sequeria                               Pooh Bear

08   Zulema Gonzalez                                  Ojitos


Sunnie Facts

Academics, Cultura, and Sisterhood
The Sun
November 6, 1996
Black, Burgundy, and Gold
White and Yellow Roses
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Founding Date
Founding University
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