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Zeta Chapter

Santa Clara

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The Santa Clara Zeta Chapter of Sigma Omega Nu, was established April 28, 2007 by ten amazing, strong, and unique individuals. They came together to help all members with moral, academic, and family support, They created a home away from home, and through fostering a strong bond among all sisters, Zeta chapter sisters encourage and motivate each other to pursue and accomplish all their present and future goals. Sigma Omega Nu has a unique sisterhood full of rich variety which motivates us to give back to our communities in the form of an annual Sunnie Scholarship to a motivated, first-year, female identifying student. We invite you to explore more about our incomparable sisterhood and what it means to live on the Sunnie side. 

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Founding Sisters 

01 Maricela Alvarez Boots 

02 Ariana Alejandre Fuego 

03 Mayra A. Magaña Piel Morena

04 Crystal Puentes Angelita 

05 Elizabeth Rubio Dueñas Solecito 

06 Griselda Ramirez Guapa 

07 Stephanie Venegas-Deras Sexy Salvi

08 Veronia Gomez-Villa Hyphy 

09 Casandra Parada San Fran 

10 Gabriela Chavez-Lopez Crazy Beautiful 

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