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Pi Chapter

Preciosa Pi, the sixteenth chapter of Sigma Omega Nu (SON) was established on March
29, 2019 at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). The twenty-two young womxn
were led by pledge moms Leslie Pineda and Jennifer Palomino. The founding sisters include
Rosalía Beltrán, Sally Fernandez, Anais Checa, Adriana Gonzalez, Kimberly Moreno, Kathleen
Flores, Celina Campos, Jocelyn Lugo, Jeanette Monzon, Jessica De Luis, Valentina Santos,
Elizabeth Castañon, Sophia Bejar, Giselle Dominguez, Stephanie Munides, Vanessa Chávez,
Adamaris Barrueta, Amber Gonzalez, Crystal Malta, Carla Phillips, Emilie Carvajal, and Janet
De La Cruz.
In 2011, Latina Leadership Coalition (LLC) was established with the goal of someday
becoming a national sorority. LLC was seen as the underdog and described as a “club” rather
than a local sorority on campus. With many misconceptions and rejections later, LLC took a
stand against the norm. Soon after, Sigma Omega Nu sisters came to campus to share
information about the sisterhood. We found similar objectives and suddenly knew we had found
a home away from home. After numerous meetings with administrative staff, we persisted with
our battle in becoming the first national Latina interest sorority at CSUCI.
Through our motto “strong roots, stronger womxn”, Pi Chapter strives to empower all
womxn, cultivate strong leaders, and encourage personal development. We are proud to be
diverse, multicultural, and believe that together we can achieve academic excellence.

Founding Sisters image 2.png
Founding Sisters image 1.png

Founding Sisters:

01 Ana Luna Ace
02 Patricia Mendoza Magnetic
03 Maritza Flores Showstopper
04 Susan Ruiz Wicked
05 Scarlett Herrera Digitz
06 Xenia Zamarripa Xtreme

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