Eta Chapter

Eta Chapter History

In October of 2006, three young women met and soon after began dreaming of a new future for
the California State University, Northridge campus. At the end of November 2006, those three
young women had multiplied into ten beautiful dreamers. The young women dreamt of creating a
home away from home for future generations of young women seeking to better their education
on the CSUN campus. They found that they had in common their love of children and for
education. These young women were determined to help others follow through with their
education and to help young people become aware of the impact they can have in the world. In
February of 2007, six of the ten young women were recognized as an Official Interest Group of
Sigma Omega Nu, from that point forward known as SOLidarity. During the Official Interest
Group process, SOLidarity grew to as many as eight members, but in the end, only six were
pinned as part of the Eta Colony Pledge Class. On October 13, 2007, after many months of hard
work, determination, and faith, Ana Luna, Patricia Mendoza, Maritza Flores, Susan Ruiz, Scarlett
Herrera, and Xenia Zamarripa, were recognized as Founding Mothers of the Elite Eta Chapter of
Sigma Omega Nu.

Founding Sisters image 2.png
Founding Sisters image 1.png

Founding Sisters:

01 Ana Luna Ace
02 Patricia Mendoza Magnetic
03 Maritza Flores Showstopper
04 Susan Ruiz Wicked
05 Scarlett Herrera Digitz
06 Xenia Zamarripa Xtreme