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Support our sisters by shopping small. 


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ACG Creations

Owned by Ariana

Founded a few years ago, ACG Creations was started with the intention of providing high-quality, personalized items for the sisters of Sigma Omega Nu. Since then it has drastically expanded and now makes items for anyone looking for a customized product.

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Owned by Claudia

ThatSunnyShop is a culmination of things I love and love sharing with others: books, bookmarks, and stickers. Many of my stickers are custom to our sorority and perfect for repping Sigma Omega Nu.


Brushpen Bren

Owned by Brenda

I use my lettering and crafting skills to make custom graduation cap toppers. Being a first-generation student, my graduation was very special to me and I love being able to make other people’s graduation pictures and ceremonies just as special.


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Mystic Honey Co.

Owned by Autumn

I am a tarot reader, reiki healer, and creatrix. Think of me as your witchy BFF who is all about guiding, healing, loving, and empowering spirit seekers, magical misfits, and babes of the cosmos. I craft reiki-infused candles to balance the energies in your sacred space, as well as custom-created Soul Intention Candles tailored to the call of your personal soul space.

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Owned by Barbara

I’m a self-taught nail tech in the San Luis Obispo area who began learning and practicing acrylics a little over a year ago. My goal is to be able to share my creativity with others while also offering quality work.

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